What's It Like Up There?

Some times I get asked by my friends, what's it like up there? Yesterday we attended
a lobster party where locally caught lobster were steamed for about thirty people (I let my lobster escape back into our cove so he could copulate and give us more for next year) and we had what we call a
"great tongue wag".
That's part of what it is like around here. Good food from the sea and hopefully local farmers; lots of various liquids to swill it down (our neighbors actually had a drink machine mixing cocktails) and
great discussions about important things like the weather, sailing, Obama, McCain and the Loonie.
This morning I decided to grab a couple of pics to try and depict what it is like around here for Lynnda and me.
The top picture gives you a sense of the North Atlantic... This was taken at Peggy's Cove and the water is the ocean... next port England. The rocks are granite and very slippery. The ocean has on many occasions risen to take unwary folks to their grave. We get thirty to forty foot swells here during storms.
The next pic is closer to home... in fact it is our summer digs here on the Jeddore Harbour. The tide is out thanx to Mother Nature; the lawn is mowed, thanx to Lynnda; the new dock is in thanx to Kim Aaboe and his crew, and it is a beautiful day...
The third picture is of one of our gardens.
That's what it is like here in Nova Scotia, for Lynnda and me.


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