Scout Tomatoes...

The Scout Tomato
A couple of days ago I posted about how birds send scouts
out to see if its OK for the rest of the flock to head north... If you are new here, you will
realize that this posting probably relates to others that came before, but are below
so don't hesitate to take a look.

Cherry Tomatoes remind me of a day back in 1979 after I had quit smoking...
one day late that summer, I came upon a Cherry Tomato plant and there was a ripe one
there, just like the one above. At the time, I wasn't much for tomatoes, but
for some reason, I picked that little guy and decided to eat it right there!

It exploded in my mouth!

I hadn't eaten a tomato since I had stopped smoking, and it was a surprise that
took a few moments to sink in... I began to realize all that I had been missing. The tomato made me realize that it was not only the taste that I had been missing
as a smoker.

I started to ask people what they really thought about my smoking... Lynnda indicated that it is like "kissing an ashtray". Others indicated that they were reactive
to cigarette smoke. I began to realize another support
structure that would keep me off the smokes.
It did!

Now, this experience wasn't large enough for me to recommend that people take up smoking
so that they one day can experience that sensation of tasting a
tomato for the first time.
But it is large enough to suggest for those readers of the blog that do smoke
that you do a before and after taste test... try a
Cherry Tomato, then quit, and a few weeks later, try one.

Back to Scouts...
the scout part of this blog is because it is a push to get
tomatoes to grow
to maturity here on the eastern shore... we have a lot of fog... and
they need
a lot of sun. Like the birds, there is a tradition in the tomato family that causes

them to send out an early ripe, red, tomato to see if its OK to let the rest of

the family to ripen...

Well, it is almost September, and we have our first
Cherry Tomatoes! It is a large year!
Lynnda has been freezing
blueberries, blackberries... peaches have been turned into jams, tonight special plumbs are being harvested and put down.

A taste of Nova Scotia, smoke free!


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