What To Do About Quality...

In 2006, Lynnda and I attended the Saltscapes Home Show in Halifax. While there, we discovered
a company called Lakelands Fine Patio Furniture, from Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia.
They were showing the Lakelands Chair, which is a form of an Adarondak Deck chair, one of the things we were looking for, to augment our new decks. SO we ordered four. Within weeks, we were
complaining to Greg Mailman, the sales manager, that the arms were
de-laminating... The process stopped, so we decided to let it go... mistake! After getting a deal to buy these for $175 per chair, yesterday I began dis-assembling them because they are full of dry-rot.
I thought I could fix them, but as I worked on the first, the yellow one, I realized that it was beyond help.

Two weeks ago Lynnda called Lakeland, and emailed them pictures... no response. So, I ask, what do I do about quality... especially when it is bad?
First, I have decided to do this blog; Second, I have decided to complete the dis-assembly; Third, I have found a cabinet maker who will cut the parts for ten chairs, which I will have made out of properly kiln dried wood, which Lynnda and I will finish as parts; and we will assemble them and keep them for ourselves. Then, if they turn out well, and people like them, I plan to take orders, and start a little business, competing with Lakelands, making a complete line of products that have 'quality' built-in, customer follow-up, and pricing that allows anyone to have well made Nova Scotia deck furniture.

That's what to do about quality!

I say to the people at Lakelands Fine Patio Furniture


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