Thursday, July 9, 2015

Leaving next Wednesday morning for a Red-eye to Atlanta, then LaGuardia and Halifax at around mid-day... starting to get excited about the ride. I am already excited because my contacts, friends and acquaintances have already come through and put my ride goal for donations over the top... and still going... at this writing we are at $6,325! A big thank you to all who participated in the process... I appreciate the donations and also the many who considered it. We all have to understand that philanthropy is a big tent, our cancer ride is a small part of it, and many of us are already camping with other funds.

I had some really good news this week... Chad Robertson is going to try to get up to Cape Breton and ride with us for the 300 kilometers. Chad is my cancer surgeon and also a good friend who is one heck of a cyclist. He rode with us from Vancouver to Austin, Texas in 2010 and was directly responsible for getting me off my ass and riding again after feeling sorry for myself following my cancer challenge. His introduction of me to Give to Live has opened a big tent for me to camp under and I have enjoyed it, immensely. He will give me a lot of mental stability for the ride, knowing he is up ahead gives me a point on my compass to head toward.

I did a stupid this week... in a weight workout, trying to boost strength in my legs, I hurt my back. Kinda scared me a little... I have been careful to protect the risk of injury... I want to get on the road in this ride... if I break down physically after I start... so be it... but I have to start. Soooo, soaking in epsom salts in the big hot tub started the process of loosening me up. Using peyote gel that you can get over-the-counter here, let me relax the damaged muscles. Some ice packs helped, as well. Happily, in the two days since the hurt, I have come a long way... I rode hard today for two hours with about 40% standing in the peddles of the spin bike with the tension cranked... wind sprints so-to-speak. So, I am over the scare, and ready to ride... can't wait... weeeehaaa!

Thank you again for the donations. I will be riding for several people who are living daily with their chemo, radiation, pain, sleepless worry... they know who they are. And of course I will be thinking of those before me who have passed because of cancer... among them... Bothwell, David, Edith, Dan, Christene, Wally, Smitty, and on...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Today, well, I took a day off. Shamus and I walked the hill at around 0800 and there were some fearsome clouds coming over the mountains in back of the house... I decided to take the time to go to my Garmin Maps for the Cabot Trail and combine them with the information that I received from Give to Live, that had all the pit-stops along the route mapped... 

Planning for the ride is important... my Garmin is estimating that I am burning just under 2,550 calories for each 100 kilometers. is converting the GarminConnect data and coming up with 1,800 for 100 kilometers. That's a big difference! Getting hungry is not the signal that it is time to eat... that is hours too late... and yet, eating too much can cause a problem with perfusion to the legs.

The pit stops are on the order of 30 km from one another... too far to really load calories, so it will be important to bring energy. Also, if the temperature is over 22 - 25 we should have more water on board to avoid dehydration and temperature problems. I am trying to find a moving support car for my ride. This is safety for me, since I am not certain my knee will hold up, and I don't want to put a strain on G2L to pick me up when others may need support.

On another front, we need to push on the donation front. The G2L team seems uncomfortable with where we are in the fundraising. I put out urgent requests for additional donations, today. This is a particularly difficult time for many of our donors... while I am at 80% of target, and plan to get to $6,000, I need to push to help put the team over the top.

Two weeks tonight we will be oiling the chains, checking the torques, tyres, brakes, lights and kits. We start the ride at 0515 on Saturday the 18th of July... lots more to do in the training rides and planking/weight work... one kilogram left to lose, hope I'm in shape.


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