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NEOSIS, as committed

Just over the bow of my kayak it appears that the salt water at the head of the Oyster Pond on the Atlantic where Lynnda and I live, ends... like the development of neosis. In reality, there is a fresh water stream hidden there, that leads to a string of lakes with great fishing, eagles and all sorts of other flora and fauna... I want to use this blog posting to introduce you to the reality of neosis, the birth of cancer cells, and the potential of getting to fresh research if we get these videos into the right hands. Dr. Rajaraman and others have tried the conventional processes... no luck. Please read on...

As I have committed, I am forwarding several videos of the Neosis Process... the birth of cancer cells. The descriptions of each are a little technical, but really don't lend themselves to much more interpretation that the videos themselves don't give.

These are from Dr. Rajaraman's research in the 1998 time frame, and formed the basis of the papers that are referred to in the blog prior to this. You may need QuickTime Player to view these, it is available on the web, free. If you have further problems, just paste the first link below into your browser and it will take you to the Dal Server.

Please click on each of the highlighted areas below. The descriptions are for each video in order. You can double click on each video to have it cycle again. The sixth is time stamped, imaging watching this through a microscope for thousands of hours, then noticing this for the first time... feel free to pass these on... I am trying to gain attention to neosis and Dr. Rajaraman's work. I believe that there is important research here that is being buried.

VC1 - (582kb) Normal and tumor cells undergo pre-mature seneescence after exposure to genotoxins. A subpopulation of these Senescent Polyploid Giant Cells (SPGCs) undergo neosis, a novel mode of cell division, that is responsible for the birth and continuous growth of all cancers. This video clip demonstrates that the process of birth of cancer cell during neoplastic transfomation of mouse cell exposed to etoposide occurs via neosis. This is the process by which the transformed foci is formed in mouse cells after exposure to etoposide. Transformed focus formation assay is equivalent to tumorigenicity in vivo. The senescent polyploid giant cell (SPGC) or the neosis mother cell (NMC), being unable to divide by mitosis. has become polyploid and has produced several nuclear buds, which after being separated from the polyploid nucleus of the neosis mother cell have moved to the extremities of the giant mother cell, which will die after producng the daughter Raju cells. The latter divides by symmetric mitosis and mature into tumor cells..This NMC produced about 10 Raju cells, most of them 'walked' away from the field. Ony three of them are seen undergoing mitotic proliferatioon.
VC2 - Neotic Catastrophe in C3H10T1/2 cells (2,229 kb) About 10% of the SPGCs undergo neosis; some of them cannot complete neosis and die in the process. This is called neotic catastrophe, as opposed to the death of a cell that cannot complete mitosis, called mitotic catastrophe. In this example, the Raju cells are formed but they cannot externalize themselves and eventually die in side the mother cell.
VC3 - S/T Neosis in HTB11 cells (1,578 kb) This demonstrates that human metastatic neuroblastoma HTB11 cells spontaneously undrgo neosis and produce the nexxt generation of TumorRepopulating Raju cells (TRRCs) This demonstrates two points: (1) Tumor cells are not immortal; But they can escape senescnce via neosis; (2) The life cycle of a tumor cell consists of a near diploid symmetric mitotic phase alternating with the polyploid senescent phase, from which they escape death by undergoing neosis. This cycle is repeated several times during the growth of tumors.
VC4 - Mitosis of Raju cells (1,578 kb) This displays the symmetric mitotic proliferation of Raju cells in the processs of repopulating the tumor. It is known that during this proliferative phase cells accumulate additional mutations and/or epimutations, leading to the next senescent phase and neosis. This contributes to the heterogeneity of tumor cells, which are constantly subject to natural selection.
VC5 - Maturation & Clonogenicity Raju cells (1,578 kb) This video clip demonstrates the maturation of Raju cell derivatives during mitotic proliferation. Note the increase in cell size as the cslls are dividing by mitosis. This is considered a property of stem cells, which are incoporating G1 phase in their short cell cycle.
VC6 - Neosis during Spontaneus Transformation of P53-/-MEF/MGB cells. (9,873 kb) Mouse fibroblasts without p53 the major tumor supressor protein, are considered an ideal model to study spontaneous transformation, Accordingly, if neosis is involved in neoplastic transformation, we can expect neosis involved in the spontaneous transformation of mouse cells that lack p53 tumor suppressor gene. These p53-/- mouse fiibroblasts spontaneously enter senescent phase at the end of their diploid mitotic life span and virtually all of these SPGCs undrwent neosi to yiueld 50-70 ormore Raju cells that eventually filled the whole Petri plate. The video clip dmonstrates that these cells spontaneously undergoing neosis, over the course of several hours. Please note near the centre, a Raju cell (daeker than the background surrounded by a white halo) is attempting to detach itself by performing what we call a "birth dance". On the left lower corner, two cells that have externalizzed themselves are "walking" on the mother cell, attempting to move away. .

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is from my Facebook page... there may be something to it!

Cancer has about 212 forms when it consumes a person's life... any one of which can be fatal. I have listed them elsewhere on the Facebook page. Over the years, folks who know me have realized that I have had two brushes with the disease, one almost fatal, and still somewhat causing serious issues for me. It is within that context that I would like readers to understand that I may be biased in my views.

A few years ago, when I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in my upper gum, then my upper jaw, then my lymph system... I was blessed to run into several physicians who were among the best of the best. I have survived, primarily because they took great care to treat the cancer as a symptom... we never really got to the cause... because it is always specifically unknown, as with every cancer. Yes, we are certain of some aspects... but not the exact causes.

Billions of dollars are put into cancer research... and frankly, we get little in return. Yes, there are discoveries of how to diagnose some cancers early... but often the early treatment does not have a significant impact on the outcome. Practically all treatments known are symptomatic treatments... we hope that the cancer will go away, and we think that after five years, if it hasn't returned with a vengeance, it is cured... even then, it often comes back. We probably all know someone to which this has happened. Many of us live every day, thinking the next pain we get will be the cancer coming back into our lives.

When I was diagnosed, aside from my primary care-givers, I was introduced to my Radiation Oncologist. His name is Dr. Murali Rajaraman. He was a general family physician in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and took an interest in cancer clusters in that area... he went back to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia... and became a Radiation Oncologist... he successfully treated my Mother's first cancer, and four years ago, he became my radiation oncologist, too. We obviously have gotten to know each other, especially during those dark days during which the planning for radiation (and in my case simultaneous chemo-therapy) and the 33 treatments were taking place.

In the years following, I was checked monthly, then quarterly by Dr. Rajaraman... and of course, during that time, we talked about cancer, its causes and treatments. As it turns out, I learned that his father is a cell-biologist and did research with cancer cells. In 2002
Dr. Rengaswami Rajaraman (we call him Raj) was viewing live cancer cells through a real-time electron microscope... he had been watching cells divide for thousands of hours over the last years trying to identify how they react to radiation and chemo therapy. This is the real working scientist's way to find out what is really happening, not just lucking into discovery.

Between the blinks of his eyes, he saw something he, and no one else in the world had ever noticed before... a dying cancer cell sloughing off daughter cells! The Mother Cancer Cell was to have died, like all the others... but this one did something else... Raj, Dr. Rajaraman had discovered what he later named the "Neosis Process"... the new cells were Raja cells. With on-going research, he seems to have been able to replicate the "NEOSIS PROCESS" and he and his colleagues wrote a paper which is very technical, but is well described in the address
(click, or you can paste the link, too)

Subsequently, there was a lot of excitement in the cancer research industry... but at the same time, the genetic genome was becoming the by-word in cancer research... genetics was promising to bring the new wave of cancer cures. Neosis couldn't survive the crush of genetics research funding, so with what was probably a strategic error... Neosis was funded as the base technology in a start-up company, instead of having further university based research to develop its promise, and utilize the well developed university infrastructure. It received very good Angel Level funding... but a series of management (non-science) issues caused the funding to dry and there was nothing left. The university responded by withdrawing the funding for the patents which it owned, and Neosis was left to Dr. Rajaraman... Raj, to try and forward.

The loss of the patent, and simultaneously the funding, effectively put Neosis out of commission. Raj at the same time retired, and had some health issues. But to his credit, he has never stopped researching cancer and has found that there really has been no answer to the 212 different causes of cancer... through genetics, or any other technology.

Since I heard about this Neosis Process, I started to try and re-invigorate it. I have run into brick walls... mostly from what I would describe as people vested in the old ways of getting funding, and doing research. Other physicians, in obscure universities in France, Poland and the USA have duplicated Raj's discovery (there was a whole team that was a part of it, but for the moment, they have understandably stepped away from it in their careers). But I refuse to give up.

So, why am I writing about this here on Facebook... first, because I believe you should know that there are things in life that don't see the light of day because of politics, petty jealousies, and a lack of funding. In all honestly, there could be science that disproves Dr. Rajaraman's (Raj's) Neosis... but I suspect that there is more to it than we know, and without rigorous science to stop it, rigorous science might prove it.

What do I want you to do... pass this on! In the next week, I plan to put the video of the daughter cells being born on this site... you will see for yourself. I want to try and find someone on the web that has an interest in this, we need money, yes... but more, NEOSIS needs to see the light of day, in any scientific setting.


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