On the Road Again...

It is interesting to use photographs as tools of communication... you know the old adage that a picture can save a thousand words.
When I took the top pic last night it was a reprise of one that I have published in the past
that had a bright red sunset... it was a fall photo.
I was thinking of the railing as a road into the sky and then I looked at the horizon from a different perspective, showing the storm coming from the west.
I liked the way the first picture has one thinking of turning to the south or even to the south east.
Some photographs can be metaphors for life and perhaps
hold special meaning because of the metaphor rather than the beauty of the image.
Turning away from the storm is a typical thing to do... and we have to do this many times in life.
I like the way the turn in the first picture, takes us away from the
unseen storm in the second.


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