Fall is coming... the Scout trees...

You have probably heard of various bird species that commute/migrate from
north to south and back to the north where they enjoy themselves
and make babies each year... more proof that one can have more fun in Canada
in the springtime!

Anyway, the birds often send out "scouts" to see if it is warm enough for the rest to come north.
I have never figured out whether the scouts come back and tell the rest... OK, its time...
or if they don't come back the rest figure the weather must be great, let's go;
or, if they don't come back, they figure they must have frozen their asses off, let's not go!

Anyway... following are several posts that happen based on pictures I took today... they are explained when you get to the explanation blog... cool eh?

Back to the Scout Trees... I was surprized today, as I drove to Truro, to see my first
trees showing that

These are two scout trees, in the tradition of the bird scouts.
They are testing the temperature in the micro climates along the
Musquodoboit River Valley.

They are surprising, beautiful, and damn, where did summer go!


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