Great Days and Late Sunsets...

Wednesday was a beautiful day, and I almost missed this sunset... the sun is actually thirty minutes below the horizon but the late light seemed to maximize the power
in the clouds.
These four pics are a panorama of the horizon that overlap each other to some degree, taken

from our deck. The spruce trees are young ones that the Japanese Long Horn Beetles
don't seem to be able to penetrate and destroy; we are hoping that stays the case.

The great day came about when
I met up with a friend at my favorite bistro in Halifax... John Wilson. John has been my life insurance agent since we graduated in the 70's. He is also very involved in the
Canadian Cancer Society and is a Past President of the Nova Scotia Chapter. Each year he hits me up for a donation.
We all know I am an easy mark... but John does it differently!
He and six of his best buds go to the (this year) the new Ashburn Country Club
and tee of at day break and play golf all day... we donate based on the number of holes they get in from sun-up to sun-down.
New Ashburn is a 7,000+ yard championship course; they walk every hole, no riding carts and pull their own bags; the club gives them the right to 'play through' and the other foursomes honor it; and this year they played
six full rounds of 18 holes
Not only that, one member of the group played the fourth round in par, and eagled the same 'par five' twice in consecutive rounds. This is 108 holes, walking 42,000 yards.
What a great day!

Then last evening on the news, I listened to an interview with the CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation... can't remember his name, but his message was one I won't soon forget.
Cancer now kills more people than Aids, Malaria, and Heart Disease. Around the world the numbers are in the millions... yet we in Canada or the USA don't have a war on
Why Not?

I look at sunsets as something of a metaphor on life...
we wouldn't have much of a sunset if there wasn't so much pollution in the air, yet we have the beauty
And with the beauty, we have the clouds on the horizon.
The pollution giving us the beauty of sunsets is caused by the things that give us some material beauty and happiness,
but we fail to see the clouds.


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