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Much is made of progress... we have seen so much of it in the most recent sixty years, since WW II. Back then we had semi-automatic 9 millimeter hand guns that could only put 8 cartridges in the gun... where as, we have improved our handguns so that today can have enough firepower to get off enough shots to injure 18 people, in a matter of seconds... six of whom, are now dead!

On the other hand, this highway was built in 1948, along a river with lots of Class II to IV rapids, and places for people to ride their bikes, kayak, hike, fish and hunt.

What are we doing as a society that pushes people to miss the latter and promote the former. Which picture would you rather have in your mind... and for your kids? The one above is available all over the world... the one below isn't. The first one below is available on the internet with pricing that is negotiable. The second one below delivers in many states of America... imagine... 18 shots, as fast as you can pull the trigger!

This 9mm semi-automatic hand gun was available in 1945 and is still for sale today for about $400.

Guns International #: 100119024
Lister Inventory #: 23109

CZ MODEL VZ 27 FNH NAZI PROOFED 7.65 CAL. PISTOL CIRCA 1945. Phosphate finish serial numbered in the 408,xxx range. All original and matching with Waffenampt (EAGLE/WaA 76) stamp on right side of frame. Fine overall with nearly all the finish showing only modest wear. Working order and fine bore. Original magazine stamped on base “P MOD. 27”.

Price: $450.00

That's the old style, that has been 'improved' to this lovely unit below.

This 9mm semi-automatic hand gun is available for around $480 and has a magazine that holds 18 9mm cartridges. Specs are below... hmmmm, wonder what one shoots at with this type of firepower, available on the internet.

Technical Data
Calibre9 mm Luger
Magazine Capacity18
Trigger mechanism operationSA/DA
Overall length207 mm
Barrel length114 mm
Height147 mm
Width37 mm
Weight1180 g
Barrelhammer forged
Surface treatmentblack polycoat
Safety featuresmanual safety
hammer safety notch

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