Chaswood Meadows, in the Shubenacadie Valley

Continuing down the highway, I came to the Chaswood Meadows, Dicks Unlimited project that was
implemented in 1983. The upper picture is of the plaque there, with an image of what they were trying
to do... establish a wetland for wildlife. I have seen everything from waterfowl to Redwing Blackbirds, to eagles to beaver and muskrat here.
Last week a gaggle of Canada Geese on the roadway had traffic stopped... a couple of cars in fifteen minutes... when I came through. It looked so great, I thought I should stop
one day to see what it is about.

In the pictures, you can see the very cool fish ladder that allows flow to the east side of the road that is about ten feet below the west side. You can see water lillies and other marshie areas fo about a kilometer.
The pics can be improved... I need to get some filters, so you can in the future see the
great, blue sky colors.

One of my points here is that we often see these projects publicized when they are launched... here is one that really works... 25 years later!


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