A Calm Monday Morning

Early today, on the full-moon's inbound tide, I paddled north on Jeddore Harbour, crossed under
a high flow highway bridge and then a gut formed by an old bridge. It was good fun, since it
was with the rising tide that was flowing at about twenty knots through the narrows
belying the calm I was to come upon in the next views.
These pics are looking north in what is called the Naval Pool which is a brackish lake. From here, we can portage into hundreds of miles of lakes and rivers. At high tide, it reminds me a lot of paddling in the Georgian and Muskoka Lake districts... except when you notice that there are tide lines that you can pick out in these pictures. Your can click on the pics to blow them up, and hit the return arrow to get back to this blog page.
The top picture shows the bow of the Legend kayak I paddle most of the time, looking north toward the next lake. If you look carefully in the second picture, you can see how much higher the water of the next lake is... it is fresh water, the salt never gets into it. I was looking to take these pictures with the reflections to try and show the tide lines on the rocks... it is especially apparent on the lower picture.
Unfortunately many visitors to Nova Scotia don't get on the water and experience
these types of visions. There are Kingfishers, Ospreys, Eagles, Loons, "Skags", seals, muskrats, otters, mink, porpoise and many other animals...
but very few humans.
On the way back to the south, I had to portage around the gut... the current was still too strong to attempt when paddling alone. Then I tried shooting the highway bridge and got turned around,
almost over.
These shoots are very runnable on ebb-tides and two to three days either side of full and new moons. It is fun to shoot them any time, if you are together with other kayaks... and when you don't have a SLR camera on the deck!
I decided not to attempt it again, and did the portage, which was several hundred meters to a viable put-in. The water is warm this year... in the mid-seventies. Not
a bad way to enjoy the early morning hours.
If you can, I hope you will come and try the salty.


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