What Was Premier MacDonald Thinking...

These two hibiscus blooms are among many that we have through the year here on the
Oyster Pond. Ya, ya, I know... they are indoors and under lights during the winter, but they really
warm up the place. I am using these pictures today in memory of the Truro Tulip Festival which has
been canceled after a run of ten years. The weather wouldn't cooperate. So, the town with the dikes
and weather like Holland couldn't stay with the traditional tulip. It is a loss for the environment
and Nova Scotia. Perhaps they can go back to the Marigold, or Roses, so the gardeners can have a theme for the
(If you can't see the detail of these pics, you can always click on them to enlarge to full screen. To return to
the blog, just hit the back arrow.)

Yesterday, I went to Truro to have lunch and do some shopping with my Mother and got one of the surprises of my recent past... she told me how embarrassed she was by Premier Rodney MacDonald's recent Top Ten Reasons for David Letterman to bring his late night talk show to Nova Scotia.

It turns out that five of the ten reasons were of such obvious sexual innuendo that they couldn't escape her wrath. Referrals to a few Nova Scotia town names with curious meaning, in the context of David Letterman is 'de'meaning to many people. While it may sound a little prudish of me to pick up on the issue, I have decided to post these comments...

What is it about a 'ten finger pat down', 'Balls Creek', 'Shag Harbour', 'love-struck moose', and 'Lockeport Greasepole' that would even remotely help Dave Letterman consider coming to Nova Scotia. Certainly the sixth reason with questionable meaning 'Nova Scotia's political leader plays the fiddle' wasn't enough to convince Dave to bring his show here. Any one of these terms on their own carries no obvious innuendo, and probably each has a history that is totally benign. But when the premier's handlers and his questionable judgment prompted his little advertisement of our province, he went over the acceptable edge. The Chronicle Herald reports that Letterman's Show would be staying in New York and quoted the spokesperson for the company as having said about Dave "as far as Dave's private life goes, I cannot and do not comment".
... for good reason, enough had been said!

After thinking about this round of political strategy in the making by the Premier I too am disgusted and some what angered by his comments. This position that Rodney MacDonald holds, is one that we are taught to respect, but clearly, we do not have to respect the person holding the position. I don't. He can't speak in this way, perform in this way and earn any respect, I suspect, from anyone. Using sexual innuendo is off base in the public forum if the person speaking for us Bluenosers is the premier.
Was it cute, or funny... perhaps, but in a very unattractive manner. Did it raise the level of respect for us by those considering an investment in our province? Will people have more interest in coming to Nova Scotia to do business, or to return home to bring up a family... I think not. Did it do the opposite... perhaps.

How many things does this person have to do to degrade the province before we say enough, bring down the government? When will the NDP and Liberals see that the leadership of the province is in such dis-array that it needs to be changed? Perhaps it is this potential (election) factor that Premier MacDonald considers when he decides not to have a sitting legislature for about ten months of the year. If they aren't sitting, they can't be brought down. Perhaps, if the opposition is not capable of bringing him down, the Tories themselves will see the light... and tell him straight...
"Come on Rodney, grow up!"

No Matter what, please remember that a little SUCCESS NOURISHES HOPE


Jeanie said…
While Rodney’s performance is unlikely to be ranked among the top 10 best performances by a Canadian Premier in 2008, Ellen Page, just 21 years old is something else. She was in control of the Letterman interview from beginning to end and if you haven't seen it yet, Juno is a wonderful movie – a dramatic comedy. Without being preachy - it offered messages to both adults (parents) and teenagers alike. Page’s talent may very well become one of our finest exports. While her effort in Juno was not recognized with a Golden Globe Award, we can look forward to seeing much more of her.

To see the Letterman interview visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj_mc6Mea5M

To see Rodney’s Performance visit www.novascotialife.com

I was thrilled however to learn that Julie Christie received a Golden Globe for her work in Sarah Polley’s film Away From Her. If you haven’t already, that movie is a must see. Polley’s talent is second to none in Hollywood
Anonymous said…
I am reminded of another 'Leader' who played the fiddle. His name was Nero and he was emperor of Rome.

Does the similarity end there?
Ponderling said…
In response to the reference to Nero, Anon seems to be referring to the saying "the emperor had fiddled while Rome burned." This, after the fires that burned most of the city of Rome, and Nero was thought to have started the fires or at least not done enough to put them out. One has to wonder if the Premier is Fiddling while Nova Scotia fails. It was a very thoughtful post by Anon

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