2008, Exchanging Bad Habits...

This picture reminds me of the unknown opportunity that we are looking into as the
calendar clicks over to the new year. There are lots of bright spots
that are of great potential. The clouds lurk, but could
into beauty when reflected on appropriately. There are always things to make life interesting and enjoyable... we just need to look for them.

Happy New Year... 2008 has finally arrived!
Now, what are we going to do with it? I find that in the tradition of incremental change and improvement, the New Year has become a one day wonder, and then we are back into the usual rut that we have allowed our life to fall into. The issue to me is wrapped up in the term 'incremental'. We try to tweak our lives a little, and its not enough to make a 'real difference'.

I have no right of authorship when using the expression "if you want to get rid of a bad habit, you simply have to replace it with a good one". The first time I heard about it was from Og Mandino who wrote many books about improving personal performance... including my favorite, The Greatest Salesman in the World. It is a great way to cause change in our lives.

When we make our traditional New Year's Resolutions, I have a sense that it is an opportunity to change some of our bad habits. For example, if we want to loose a few pounds, we have to look at what causes us to have the extra weight in the first place. What else is being impacted by the habits that allowed us to put the weight on... not enough exercise, an extra drink each day, eating too much and so on. Perhaps each of these is a few hundred calories, and any one of them, if changed, would be enough to allow us to loose the weight.

So, in this example, it could be enough to replace having an extra alcohol drink a day with going for a walk after dinner... replacing a bad habit with a good one... reduce a couple of hundred empty calories of alcohol while burning a couple of hundred calories by walking. The net impact could be several hundred calories, enough to loose about two pounds a week!

This is not incremental change... which would be reducing the size of a meal, or ounces in a drink.
This is just flat out exchanging one activity, or habit, with another. It is easy to know when you are achieving a 'change the habit' goal... you either have either replaced the habit, or you haven't! When we fall off the habit, we need only make one adjustment, that being 'reinstate the good habit'.

Well, the new year is here. WHAT HABITS WILL WE CHANGE?

Happy New Year, Have a Great '08... and please remember, SUCCESS NOURISHES HOPE


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