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This time of year, when we can't be skiing, we think of our gardens and the
beauty that nature brings. Our perennial gardens are a serious part of our life, and
keeping photographs helps us remember the reasons to look forward to warmer weather.
We hope you have a lot to look forward to this spring.

This is a follow-up to the second posting that I did regarding prices in Nova Scotia for regularly used home products, including groceries, laundry, cleaning supplies, auto fuel, home heating oil, electricity, and so on. I now have volunteers to do price checks four times a year in Vancouver, Calgary, Carlyle (SE Saskatchewan), and Montreal.

These price checks will be on very specific goods, and the whole effort should be less than one hour per three month period.
My intent is to chart the pricing and post it on the blog. The intention is to give credence to the claims of our government that the cost of living in Nova Scotia is attractive compared to other areas of the country.

I would appreciate volunteers from other Maritime towns/cities, the Ontario area, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Please pass this on to your friends and help me help you understand our costs.
It is possible that as consumers we will have reason to be pressuring the suppliers to become more efficient in the process of delivering our goods... there can be many reasons for high prices beyond 'gouging'. I hope to have the next posting on this subject at the end of February.


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