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The morning brings a new start, every day. We are so blessed to have the opportunity
to take a few minutes, find a peaceful place like this, and just get lost in thought.

And then you can go and work away all day, only to be able to come to Salmon River
just forty minutes from Halifax and the opportunity
to take a few minutes, find a peaceful place like this, and just get lost in thought.

A few posts ago I asked the question... "does anyone really give a damn?". It stirred quite a range of responses, both as comments on the blog, and in the form of emails directly to me. One came to me from someone I have known for a short time, a very successful entrepreneur here in Nova Scotia... prior to asking my question on the blog, I really didn't know how he felt about things here in our home. I found out... and this is only a part of the email.

He wrote to me... "I am increasingly focused upon that concept known as "sustainability" --- and I frequently wonder how we can possibly sustain the lifestyle which is enjoyed in Atlantic Canada without the financial underpinnings to support it . As a Community we are not sufficiently productive to compete in the International dynamic --- we are not sufficiently skilled to compete in the international dynamic - and we absolutely lack appropriate motivation.

On my best days, I see "baby steps" being taken which give me confidence that eventually good things will really happen here . And on my lesser days, I wonder how the hell this population can ever sustain itself unless things get a whole lot better in a hurry. We are frequently a Province inhabited by "Victims" as opposed to a province inhabited by "Achievers" and that is costing us in so many ways .... both in the short term and in the long term.

As with so many things, the Leadership must start at the top . When I consider the Premier of Nova Scotia today and how he "stacks up" against the Premier of Newfoundland for example. Like him or loathe him, Mr Williams is a former Rhodes Scholar, a highly successful Entrepreneur , a Mover and Shaker .... and finally a political leader who wakes up every morning trying to make Newfoundland a better place and its people more successful. He may be obnoxious by times, but he is motivated to make positive change . We need many more people with his ambition and skill set to grab our Communities in Atlantic Canada and institute change for the Better !"

Four weeks ago, when I started this blogging thing, I was concerned about Nova Scotia... just like this writer. What I didn't know at the time was that there are many like minded Nova Scotians. This writer is not a 'come from away(er)'. He has built his business into one of the really strong ones in our province. He is seeing the same issues as he described in other parts of his email like this "
There is not a commitment to Excellence virtually anywhere in Nova Scotia today, least of all in the areas with which I have primary concern : 1) education 2) health care and 3) transportation". This is not coming from a disaffected citizen, and I suspect it is a relatively pervasive sense of reality. My question is why are we putting up with it?

If you have some thoughts on this issue, why not share them with the rest of us? We are now getting over 75 hits a day on the blog, that means we are growing quickly. We are starting to hit on some issues that might need to be addressed. Your posting here will help to move thought on the issues forward. Those who care about the future of the province as a home for their children and grandchildren can in fact, make a difference. We as, fellow Bluenosers, look forward to hearing from you and to seeing your comments here. We can change things, but we need to have a better idea of what you are thinking. It is too early to start 'doing things'... we need to keep listening until we understand if there is an issue, or is it just a few who are concerned.



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