As we stand still, we fall behind...

When the sun rises, and you are around to see it, beauty abounds. One can only hope that
the world will be able to sustain something as spectacular as a 'hoar frost' in
the early morning

A long time friend forwarded the world clock and data website listed below. I think it was a hint that we should take note and understand that as we stand still, we are falling behind! Take a look...

As I write this, the clock shows that the 'world's population has gone up about 1,500,000 souls since the start of 2008! Where are the people going to live, get food and water, work and so on?

I suspect that there is a complex answer to the question, and it is not going to come to us on this blog. But this is really about Nova Scotia, and in the context of our flat population growth here, what can we do about not falling behind.

Clearly, one of the answers is to be involved in the process... don't let things happen without your vote, your input and so on. Another is to try and make our individual camp sites here on earth, just a little better than the way we find it... an old camping adage, but one that applies.

I have been encouraged to keep asking questions and posing opinions here. I intend to do justice to the opportunity. I hope we can all come together and try in our small way, to deal with the various issues this data on the world clock is likely to present us with here in our province, the country and the world.


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