Windows Over Ohare Airport

A couple of weeks ago I took an early flight (6 AM EST) from Buffalo to Ohare in Chicago and arrived there at just after 6AM Central Time. As I waited for my next flight, I couldn't help but enjoy watching the sun come up over the terminal... I was sitting in Gate F5 and it was so beautiful I couldn't resist making a Blackberry Moment out of it.

What I didn't expect was the complex photograph that appeared on my computer screen when I looked at it the next day. There is a lot going on here... not the least of which is a beautiful sunrise. The reflections of the lights (or are those actually space ships flying low over the airport) on the concourse appeared in the clouds... which also had entrails of various other flying objects in them. It is actually a challenge to look at the picture and not want to try to figure out all the things going on... we have a TV, several people walking by and so on... hard to keep remembering that I was only trying to take a picture of a sunrise with a Blackberry... this camera has incredible capability as shown in the pictures of the ride... all of which I took with the BB Curve... a great little Canadian product.


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