Persuasive Communications

Occasionally one has an opportunity to seriously recommend contacts have a read on a book that has changed one's life. In 1993 I met Maynard "Garf" Garfield when he was the Chairman of a company in Chicago that was one of the best communication improvement companies in the country... I liked to call Persuasive Communications a Sales Training company, but in reality it was way more than that... and it had a lot to do with any successes I have had in my business life... but more importantly, in my personal life, as well.

Recently Garf published a book on the internet... it is a very interesting read... it can teach and it can remind... for me it did both... one of the value of being a great communicator. I strongly recommend the book and am putting the link here... hope you will try it... I did, and I feel like I am a renewed communicator...

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