'the ride' is all about CANCER

I put this email out yesterday... I feel so strongly about maximizing this opportunity to raise funds for cancer care and research...

Hi there... I hope this finds you well, and enjoying the first few days of fall. We have gotten a break in the really hot weather and it
is letting me get some good miles of riding in practice for the trip from Vancouver to Austin, Texas. I am getting excited about the start, but I have some unfinished business with the fund-raising part of 'the ride'.

For most of the past six weeks I have been leading the way in fund-raising. As I have written, I had gotten quite sure of myself, thinking we would be the number one... and that would allow me to donate the First Prize (a ride with Lance Armstrong and Pics and so on) to a young man with cancer. Well, now I am #3!!

While that is sinking in, I want to assure you I appreciate every penny that has been donated. This week for example, I sent a thank you to Jean Sloan who had raised $625 for 'the ride' in August... because she had gone out and raised another $430 in September. There have been several friends put in a second donation and I have also sent out those thank you(s). If you have donated to 'the ride', thank you again... I appreciate everything you have done for the four foundations, through your donations.

In reality, here is what this note is about... 'the ride' is all about CANCER, not whether I win a prize or even finish the ride. One in three of us will get it... all of us will know and or love someone who will die from it. These foundations help the folks who get it, and they direct research to try and end it. If you are considering a donation to cancer, I am asking you to consider putting it through one of the two sites that are supporting the give to live effort. You can click on that link to visit our ride. To donate, simply click appropriately on one of these sites...

For Canadians...


For Americans...


Yes, you do get tax receipts. Unfortunately the shirts with honorary names are have been designed and ordered. But I assure you, the satisfaction of giving to these foundations that the ride is supporting, it worth the effort.

The other reason for writing is that we will be headed out in just two weeks... and if you want to see pics from the ride, daily, just check out my blog... blueknowser.blogspot.com I will try to put pics from the route and ample descriptions. You can vicariously come on 'the ride' with me... Yellowstone is around day four, Moab later in the ride... and mountains or desert all the time and everywhere.

We need your help, financial and morale help... so if you are donating to other great benefits this year, send your best wishes and prayers... it will be most appreciated...

Thank you... BRuce

Bruce E. A. Ross

Cell: 608 630 6900
Home Office: 905 468 0053

Skype: bruce.e.a.ross



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