First Century Post Cancer...

While I am training for 'the ride' I also get to cross the Welland Canal that goes from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. These "lakers" as the ships are known, are up-to 713 feet long... the 'bridge" or control room is at the bow and the living quarters for the crews and passengers are aft... yes, many of the lakers take passengers and the food/accommodation it great. Lynnda's brother, Walter, was first mate on several lakers, some quite famous like the Wheat King. These are the boats that are just like the Edmond Fitzgerald.

This laker is the "Montrealais"... it is headed into this Lock 2 on its way from the lower Lake Ontario to Erie... the spill gates will open, and the ship will raise to the new level...

This next pic is of the QEW highway that runs from Buffalo to Toronto, around Lake Ontario... it is here going over the Welland Canal... I will try to time a ride correctly that will show a boat coming through on the level, and towering above the cars that run along-side on service roads.

Yesterday's Century Ride for Cancer and the new Walker Cancer Center at the St. Catharines Hospital was great. We had rain threatening all the ride, but it never arrived. 433 riders raised >$200,000 for cancer treatment and care at the Walker Center... I felt good being a part of it and met many riders. The new bike was great to ride. Got many oogles from people since it is new and a Madone 5. It was a dream to ride, and I carried 28km for the average. Some great riders helped me along... pulling... but next year I intend to pull them!


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