Ovarian Cancer... Pass on this note to Friends...

This is a copy of an email I recently sent to my mailing lists... it is an important bit of information...

I am going to copy in a link that should make us all excited... a group of researchers in Vancouver, BC have made a huge link

between Ovarian Cancer and Fallopian Tubes not being removed during a hysterectomy or tubal ligation. It turns out that

50%, yes 50% of Ovarian Cancer can be totally avoided if the fallopian tubes are removed during these procedures! Ovarian

Cancer has a 'five year survival rate of less than 35%...

Now, how did that discovery happen... it happened because a group of physicians doing research were granted the dollars

to do the work, base research, data analysis and so on to make the discovery that is announced here in this clip


OK, we have established that, what do we do with it... first, remember that physicians have a lot on their minds, and reading

research papers and implementing them, and making something a new standard of care is not necessarily what happens. We

have to be our own advocates, and make certain that our family, friends and friends of friends know of this discovery. Don't

risk not asking a physician if they are aware of the research and will they be doing the proper procedure in the next surgery?

Second, please remember that 'the ride' is raising money for research and patient care through the Ovarian Cancer Society,

along with Pancreatic Cancer Society, The Canadian Cancer Society and the Lance Armstrong Foundation... you can help make

a difference by donating to those groups through either of the two websites below... We thank those who have already donated

(my ride campaign has already totaled over $16,000 raised) and I would not normally copy you here, except that this Ovarian

Cancer discovery just happened... and is not getting air-time in the USA.

American Donations can be accepted at austin2010.livestrong.org/bruce_ross

Canadian Donations can be accepted at convio.cancer.ca/goto/bruce.ross

Anyone who would like to follow my progress as I train for this ride which will start in Vancouver, BC on the 10th of October. We

travel through the Rockey Mountains for 2,700 miles ( I will be riding an average of about 120 km per day and the team will cover

around 400 in the relay style we will use... that's 75 miles for me and 250 for the team) ending in Austin, Texas. There are 42 of

us now riding from Vancouver, but there are over 5,000 riding from all over the USA to arrive on the 24th of October.

You can follow my blog at blueknowser.blogspot.com I will post daily while on 'the ride' with pictures and video of such places

as we ride through Yellowstone, past the Grand Canyon, through Moab, Utah, and so on. Come along for "the ride" through my

updates and pictures... have fun, knowing that my 'hardass' reputation is getting a reality check!

Please consider a donation... the highest fundraiser gets to ride with Lance Armstrong and have pictures taken with him...

I have already donated this prize to a young person with Cancer, I would really like to tip the scales at $20,000; with your help,

we can make it happen.


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