A Week at the "Alter of the Saddle"...

From my givetolive.ca blog...

66 days to launch... in Vancouver... of 'the ride' of my life. Can't wait!!!

First, I want to thank everyone for their donations... as you know, we(the collective 'we' that includes all who donate or support me in any way) have two donation sites... this one, in Canada, and the Livestrong site in the USA which is at


We have raised close to $4,000.00 in the first two weeks. I have been humbled by the efforts of folks to come up with donations... I want to give an example of why I am humbled!

Jean Sloan, our friend from New Brunswick, was in Halifax last weekend and passed the had around the waterfront resort-like facilities... she raised over $600.00 for the givetolive.ca campaign that will soon be added to the total of our ride (Jean is rolling the coins as we speak, and I thank her profusely for every penny). I know that these are not easy times for everyone, but it amazes me that we are on the way to $15,000.00.

Remembering that it is not about 'the ride', it is not about me, it is all about defeating CANCER!

Its about having an awareness of not only defeating the disease... its about avoiding it; detecting it; treating it; living with it; helping others with it; Its about helping Members of Parliament in Canada and the Congress in America that this is a war! It is a war that takes as many lives each year as each of the Great Wars did, and many more than the ones we fight today... and it is worth fighting it as ruthlessly as we do the battles overseas. We need investments in our armamentariums to allow the docs, the families, and patients to fight to win! I against most wars... but NOT THIS ONE!

Enough... if you are about to donate, and are considering the difference between this and another disease... just donate, don't worry about our specific initiative. If you are considering the difference between this and a meal... choose the meal! But if you are wondering if I will ride with you on my shoulders for this 4,200 kilometers... be assured, you can confidently know that I will give thanks for each penny at the 'Alter of the Saddle' at sun-up and sun-down where the views are going to be magnificent.

Have a great weekend...


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