The Ride, an update on progress 8.12.10

There are a lot of advantages that accrue to the person who decides to go on a 2,600 mile bicycle ride with 5,000 of Lance Armstrong's closest friends... clearly the health benefits have to lead the way. For example, I am moving my curves around, sharpening them, little-by-little, . I am thinking more clearly and paying attention to what I am eating; the rest I am getting is great; but the stresses I seemed to enjoy in the past are less enjoyable as I realize the overall impact of them... I am reading more about general health care and that is telling me that "good stress" is an oxymoron!

But as I stretch my rides into two a day to total around two hours, a few days a week, I am getting to see some beautiful scenery. I am planning to share it here and on the cancer websites I am using to raise the funds... there is one above... I took this with my Blackberry from the bike about 7 miles from Middleton (Madison) WI earlier this week. I put another pic on the cancer websites, but I find this one more stimulating. There seems to be a lot of space to go through before I get to that beautiful rise of trees, just like I have a lot of space to go through before I make it to Vancouver, and then Austin.

I hope to continue putting these images here and on the other blogs in the time leading up to the ride... then I will add some video clips that will come from a camera I plan to mount on the bike... If I see the Sasquwatch as we go through the Washington State Mountains... I don't want to miss him!

Jean Sloan's $625.00 that she raised in Halifax a few weekends ago made it to the Give To Live offices today. Again, I want to thank Jean for her support and the effort she put into raising the funds. I also want to thank the many people who have donated $ to the cause of cancer through 'the ride' campaign. I am amazed by the support we are getting, and I thank the folks for participating. We are well over $5,000 now, between the Canadian and American centers... we are about 40% of the way. We will soon sell the hockey memorabilia which will get us closer... and I am reminding the various friends, companies and Blue Birds that time is short... I have to have the dollars in soon... thanx for all you can do...


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