There are lots of products that we use daily that are not life savers... but I came across one recently and ordered it... the amazing thing that happened was not that it is being shipped... it is that the company's founder emailed me (as he likely does all of the customers) and asked me to send out a savings coupon to my friends... I thought it was cool... so here is the note I sent and put on Facebook... I would have this for my kids, my biking buds and so on... if you agree... try it... BRuce

Hey Everyone,

As you know, I am working hard to get into shape for the Give to Live( ) bike ride from Vancouver, BC to Austin, TX. that will start on October 11th... it is a great ride through the west... and while training for it, as well as on it, I feel like I need some insurance... accidents and health issues can occur. I came across one of the best products I have seen, through my preparation for the ride... it's called a Road ID - perhaps you've heard of it. If you haven't, go to their website and check it out. Road ID is a great product that could save your life someday.

When I ordered, they gave me a coupon that I could pass along to my friends. Here's the coupon number:

Coupon Number: ThanksBruce818730

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 09/03/2010. To order, simply go to or click the link below:

If you prefer, you can call them at 800-345-6335.

You can thank me later,

Bruce Ross

Oh by the way, their website is awesome, the customer service is outstanding...


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