The Ride... Us, Work and the Third Diversion

This ride is relatively demanding... on a scale of 1 to 10 in my life, I have it at around an 8... most of my work has been more demanding; keeping a balance in life has been a 10; and the Cancer was a 15! But I have not ever planned a more physically demanding course of action, and I am soooo looking forward to the past tense on it... I did it!

I have been away on business for several days, and didn't find a good way to work out... I am mostly trying to add stamina or miles on my butt... so I missed the rides. I have been averaging around 35km a day, moving up from 25 the week I decided to go on what I call "the ride". I should log around 1,800 km before setting our from Vancouver... I hope to start adding in a few 60 to 70km weekend rides next week. It is a happy time for me when i am out on the bike.

But it is also a happy time when I am working these days... I am very happy to be back in the neurology space of the medical device industry... I am having fun. The problem is balance... Lynnda and I have been doing well with my keeping two balls in the air... when I was retired it was my Cancer and US; then when I started consulting again, it was US and my work; then we added "the ride"...

It reminds me of when I tried to be a student back in the 60's... I sound so ancient. I could do school, and have a good time; but when ever I tried to add a third thing in, some thing suffered... for a long time it was school; then it was relationships; and so on... still having a good time... so doing more than two things for any length of time is jeopardy...

The Ride is in about 80 days... so I am figuring that is within allowable limits... but US can't suffer and work can't suffer... and I know if I don't ride daily, it will be my body that suffers... or at least my butt.

Ride on, the saying goes... I will... got back in the saddle yesterday and it felt great... Lynnda and I will ride together for a while today... that helps with the US... then I will ride alone for another hour or two... Work is for Mondays... Fun EH?


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