Why Do We Call It White Pine?

Why do we call this tree "white pine"? In the summer its a rich green colour that blends in with it's surroundings. The same shade of green in the winter allows it to be a beautiful standout, in contrast to the white snow and hoar frosts that are the jewels of winter. In the spring, the tree has more jeweled beauty of it's own, with its soft, new growth feathers and pink flower-like buds; soon to become the long needles of new growth. And here in the fall, come the golding of its needles signaling the end of their time on the tree, soon to be part of the carpet of the forest; still, it bejewels another season with precious metal like beauty... but not white!


ron said…
I suspect we call it 'White Pine' because of the colour of the lumber.

It is a very special tree, both in its beauty (a special 'softness' in colour), it's potential size (the largest of the eastern pines), and its history.

It's history is wrapped up in Canada's. It's value to the British navy was immense. It's harvesting was a central stage in the settlement of central Canada.

And in an amazing irony, when Ontario finally started reforesting 'dustbowl' level areas in Southern Ontario in the '30's and beyond, they brought the seedlings in from Germany.

It should be our national tree!

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