Fall Colours in the Musquodoboit and Shubenacadie Valleys

I was traveling to Truro today, through the Musquodoboit and Shubenacadie River Valleys and decided to record some of the incredible colours that were passing me like I was inside my Jeep watching a kaleidoscope. It was a dull morning, so there were no stark blue sky contrasts, but even with low light, it was spectacular. It makes the travel to visit Mother each day much more palette (able)... sorry... some times I can't resist! (For enlarged views, just click on the picture you want to look at, and to return, press the return arrow at the top left of your browser)

Down stream from here, there are Class 3 and 4 white water that in the spring are rapids waiting to be run with an open canoe. Perhaps next year we will have some volunteers to come and do a day on the Musquodoboit down to the Atlantic ocean by our home. In the next valley over, the Shubenacadie is a smooth water river that empties into the Bay of Fundy on the west side of Nova Scotia... and you know what you get there... the TIDAL BORE... that happens when the tide roars up the bay, whipping the sands into a chocolate mocha like blend with salt water, and as it funnels in, it lifts a wave of 18 inches to several feet (depending on the moon phase) and you can ride it, or, fight it... check this out... http://www.raftingcanada.ca/rafting.php?content=11

So, if you come east, or are already here, why not give it a try... the spring is the best, but bring a wet suit, the water is ... wet... yes, but the wet suit is for the cold!

There are four large tour boats in Halifax today... more tomorrow... and basically the thousands of folks on them come to Nova Scotia this time of the year to get on buses and drive around the province to see the leaves turn color... many head for Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail, but I think you can get as good a view on Highways 357, 224, 7 and so on. There are some great
B & Bs along the way, great restaurants with local lobster and muscles and so on. Hope to see you here, and that you like the pics.


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