Winter Wonderland... Not here in Florida

I have been looking for a warm color to use with this font, for this note, but I have settled on blue and hope one of two things... if you are in the Northlands as you read this, you will have the heat on in your house... if you are in the south, the cold weather pics and this font color will be as welcome as air-conditioning.

We received these pics from our good friends Paul and Therese Spike, who are our neighbours in Oyster Pond, this morning. Paul and Buddy (the Border Collie that they have as a 'boarder') went for a walk this morning... January 1st, 2009. The first picture is the road that leads from their home to ours, a few hundred feet from this spot.

The mail box, well decorated reflects Therese's friendship with Charlie Brown... you can just see Snoopy's nose poking up through the snow as he reclines on their mail box... he will need a snorkel soon, just to breath in the snow!

This is Buddy... he is a great friend, an incredible soccer player, swimmer and fetcher of any and all things lobbed, thrown or dropped... easily the largest Border Collie we have seen... willing to go and be anywhere with Paul

When I look at the Spike home, where they have lived on the water for 29 years, I realize how appropriate the blue font is... it is freaken cold out there!

Well, it is warming considerably... this is the view out the breakfast nook window at Paul and Therese's home. It still looks bitterly cold outside, but I sense the tea and coffie are hot, and there is always something warm to eat at the Spike's.

It was great to receive these pics this morning... it reminds us of our many friends in Nova Scotia, and we hope that they are warm and cozy this day. I won't show any pics of what it is like here in Florida this morning... suffice to say, it takes the chill off the images and gives new color to the font.
We will watch the Rose Parade from California and the Sugar Bowl this afternoon, just to stay warm. We hope you will be warm this day, and that 2009 will be a Vintage Year to Remember well. Happy New Year.


Barbara said…
It does look wonderful around home. Even with the tree that is resting on our house from the first holiday storm. last night's windless snowfall leaves that powder snow on trees, handrails, roofs, etc. can't beat this soft natural Christmas decoration.

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