Part of a Day at Green Cay

Green Cay, the natural area near our place here in Palm Beach County, Florida... I have mentioned it on the blog before... this morning I went there with my friend Bill Graubard for a walk... I was a replacement for my wife Lynnda who usually walks on Saturday with Bill, but she has fractured her heel, so I had the pleasure... and WOW... what a day...

This is already one of my favorite pics that I have taken of a Great White Egret... I was on a long lens, and watching... it decided to take flight, and raised those awesome wings above its torso to show the absolute beauty of the bird. It flew a matter of twenty meters, and I got several other pics... but I have dozens, and have posted a few here... so I will spare you.

Below is a female Anhinga, aka the Water Snake for the way it looks when swimming... most of its body below the surface, and just the head up... like a water moccasin. This is another water bird that spends a lot of time in trees... I have several beautiful pics of Anhinga, and will bring them to the blog at some future time. The female has this beautiful gold colored neck like the one in the tree...

The one below, drying its wings seems to be an immature female... she is not showing much gold. The mature males appear black and have white markings on the wings... when you click on the picture, you may be able to see some white on the top of the wing... perhaps it is an immature male... someone tell me. Hell, this one could be mistaken for a Cormorant which we have all along the Atlantic coast, and are pests in Nova Scotia.

The four turtles sharing the log with him don't seem too upset... there was a Great Blue Heron in the trees to the right, I have a pic of all of them somewhere in this mess of pixels, so when I find it, I will add it to the blog.

Below is a spectacular Red Shouldered Hawk. This bird was too patient for me... I waited for him to go after what ever he was hunting... but he out-lasted me. He is nesting nearby, along with a Red Tailed Hawk pair and an Osprey pair... will forward pics when they show up and I have this 300mm lens on board.

So that's how we spent the start of the day... finished with Will Smith's movie, Seven Pounds... a test to follow it at the beginning, but it is a very strong movie... Lynnda and I recommend it... Ciao for Now.


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