Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holding Water...

As I listened to the Inaugural speech by President Obama I was struck by comments people have made to me over the years that were focused on the power of the President of the United States of America to evoke real change. I tried to think of any other country where the swearing in of the leader would be watched by 300,000,000 people around the world, at the same time. I thought that at that moment, the words of Barack Obama were in fact changing the perspective of all of those people.... and when others read the papers and magazines and watch the news with the reruns of the inaugural address... yet more will have a new perspective.

The idea that the president doesn't really make a difference started when many folks didn't like the fact that during the Clinton administration the USA was in a boom period... they said that the president didn't make that happen. Of course, their argument went somewhat limp when President Bush made so many things happen, particularly at the opening of the Iraq war... do we remember how the collective "we" endorsed President Bush's push into Iraq... where were we when "shock and awe" was on TV... I remember that day, as the TV at the office was on, louder than ever before, and the collective "we" cheered as bombs burst in the air. It was quite a display, the President was demonstrating that he could cause things to happen... we should not forget!

This new President, too, will in fact make a difference... we expect that it will be a positive difference, for most if not all Americans. Let us hope it is also good for the world, as was the intent of President Bush, I am certain. But let us not only hope... let us participate in ways we as individuals perhaps haven't lately.

A few months ago, I recognized that I wasn't drinking enough water. All sorts of physiological things were telling me that, but I couldn't seem to get on the program to start drinking the proper allocation of water. It seemed my commitment waned not only over a week, but even over a day! This I adjusted to by writing a Post-It note... "have you drank a glass of water in the past two hours" and sticking it to the fridge. Suddenly I was having to pee all the time...proof that indeed, I was drinking the water. After a few weeks, through which I continued to drink my water almost every two waking hours, I began to notice that I wasn't having to pee as much... in fact my capacity to hold the water seemed to be improving... in fact, it has...

Could this be the way for Barack Obama to get everyone to hold their PEE longer? Perhaps, although it is obvious that that is not his goal... but could it be our individual way to remind ourselves that we are a part of the solution to that which needs fixing in America. Obama did allude the need for everyone to work together to fix the economy, to fix bigotry, to help heal the wounds of the past, what ever they are...

What will your Post-it note say?

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