The Sun(set), Crescent Moon and Venus

This sunset on the first evening of November here at the Oyster Pond was one that I could pan to the south and pick up the second photo below. I was sitting on our deck to watch what was going to happen for the evening, thinking about how the railing is like the road we will travel on as we head south... it was a balmy evening, unlike what we normally expect here in the North-east.

Below, this is the most interesting event type sunset this year at our place... the first pic showed the sunset, this adds the crescent moon and if you look carefully (click on the photo to enlarge it) to the right of the sliver of moon, you can see Venus. Its a beautiful way to start the month of November, and to take as a memory of the season that we spent here in Nova Scotia. We are headed to Florida later this week, so nice to leave in good weather... it will be about 65F on Wednesday as we head out.

Hope you have a great week. I am thinking about posting the first chapter of a novel I have started writing about a sales manager and the complexities of working in this dynamic world... while learning the lessons she needs to know. As we drive south, we will discuss the potential post, among other things. It is really great to have this time to ourselves... with stops in Cleveland, Ashville, Lake Lanier, Jacksonville and then the Beach... see ya...


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