There were so many images last evening that were worth storing for the ages. I chose to try and tell the story with these. I really thought that these flags said it all... they just look happy, probably jubilant... this seemed to run across so many boundaries like race, age, political base and so on. Fun to watch, and it brought back credibility to the USA electorate that could look beyond ideology and history.

Barack Obama ran what has been described as a flawless campaign... from start to finish. It is now incumbent on him to run a flawless White House... and for the people to support him in the hard times that are sure to come; harder than the ones that are already here.

I really liked this picture of the Golden Mile in Chicago. It seemed to me that the whole country won, and the peaceful celebrations through the night was a tremendous boost to the win itself.

Here is a picture of the First Lady elect in full form... look at the excitement and happiness... spectacular!

The new leader, Barack Obama and his VP, Joe Biden. They worked together to make this a victory for all Americans. We can look forward to a well guided eight years. What a great win for HOPE in the world.


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