Monday, May 11, 2015

Sixty-Seven and Counting...

I bought a new bike for my birthday... a present to myself, so to speak. It comes from my new friend in San Luis Potosí, Pablo Voigt Rodríguez... Pablo is product manager for Windsor Sports Group here in Mexico... he has the Shimano, Pearl Izumi and KRBO product lines... and is a Professional Rider for KRBO Mountain Bikes . Pablo built up the bike here in Mexico from components made in Taiwan, Japan, America and Mexico. I proceeded to crash the bike on my 67th birthday, plus one day... another marker on my lifeline.

An April 16th posting on Facebook from another friend , Ron Smith said "Happy birthday! A chance to laugh at the gods, given all your battles! Enjoy!" Ron, his wife Bev, Lynnda and I were neighbors for four years in Oyster Pond, Nova Scotia... he was referring to his being the first person I told (other than Lynnda), that I had cancer in 2005... Ron was an English teacher in Ontario during his working days... he used his expansive vocabulary back then to express how he felt... he simply said, "fuck"... then he said "life isn't fair". My memory of my feelings is a little more gentile, I said simply "you're right!". And we had another glass of vino tinto... and I cried a little... inside...

Now of course we can say that things mostly even out, and while I hesitate to laugh at gods or gloat in any way... I do have a smile on my face. Even when I was in my twenties, I doubted that I would see the Y2000 arrive... now fifteen years past it, I live, and love and ride and generally get a giggle out of this millennium.


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