I'm In Again... Cape Smokey here we come... Postings on Training to Come...

I'm in... posted this at the Give to Live / Canadian Cancer Society web pages today... Check donation pages at http://convio.cancer.ca/site/TR…
Thank you for visiting my pledge page… that you are considering a donation through Give to Live and my ride over Cape Smokey on the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia is most appreciated. This is my fifth ride with this awesome group… the experiences have been life-altering in so many ways, I am sure all of us could benefit by vicariously doi...ng the mental exercise… beyond the physical… necessary to prepare, accomplish and recover from the rides. Come along with me on my blog at: http://www.blueknowser.blogspot.com.
I had indicated in the past, when I was asking for donations to the Ottawa-Halifax ride last year, that it would be my last… and that I would not ask you to donate to either the Cancer ,or the Heart and Stroke Societies, again. That was my intention… I was physically and mentally hurting from the training efforts of several rides per year. I was done… gave away my tools to ride… tent, sleeping bag, bike, bike box and so on.
Then this past week, now feeling very well, and riding better than I have in a few years, I hooked up on Facebook with my friend Ron Allen. Ron has been on all of the Give to Live rides, and has raised thousands of dollars for charities, and it turns out, has agreed to ride the Trail again… Ron is 70 years young this year. Most of the riders are much younger, and I don’t want him to be the only perceived “old guy” clambering over Cape Smokey. Will I be riding when I am 70? I will be if Ron is riding at 73!
So, now that you are here… I want to give a reason to donate… just read this page from the Give To Live website… http://www.givetolive.ca/why-we-do-it/ Feeling better… maybe in a mood to donate… hope so!
For folks from Nova Scotia… I hope to get to see many of you… I will fly from Guadalajara, Mexico on the 15th of July for the ride. I will stay at the Belgravia B&B in Truro the 15th and then head to Halifax later on the 16th to make sure my bike is ready to go. Then along with the rest of the riders, I will pass through Truro again, headed to Baddeck on the 17th. Back through Truro on the 19th. I will head back to our ‘home-away-from-home’ here in Mexico on the 22nd… some time in this period, I hope to see you.
In the interim, please consider a donation of $15 or more at this site. I am looking for more small donors, so please also pass this on to your friends who may look for a way to contribute to keeping me young.
Cheers, and again, thanx for your considerations… BRuce


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