It has now been 34 days since my surgery... not a particularly auspicious day in the count toward when I can get back on the bicycles; lift more than 30 pounds; act like a normal human being... which is 90 days post surgery. However, it is special because I don't feel anymore like I just had surgery. The healing process is progressing nicely. There have been countless uncomfortable moments, lots of painful days where it seems like the nerves in my chest are reconnecting... and they seem to want to let me know they are there.

My front end looks like it has had more than a valve job! It looks like it was in a wreck! I have twin twelve inch scars that overlap in some areas and the "Lazy S" curve in the second one is still a bit of a fiery red in color... they run from my sternum's notch at the top, to the tear drop scar from my feeding tube that I had during the cancer challenge a few years ago. It looks a little like a hang-man's noose. There are a couple of good size scars to either side of the 'tear drop'... from drainage tubes... Lynnda and I joke that they look like the ears on a face with the nose being the tear drop. But the noose kinda ruins the look! 

Of course the long hooked scar on my neck is still visible, but barely. I think the hang-man's noose will disappear to close to the level of my reminder scar on my neck... then of course, there is the large dimple like scar below my 

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