Interesting project starting... I have been asked to write an article on Alzheimer's Disease (AD) for the Focus on Mexico web news... it is a hot topic in any area of the world, since over 24 million people have confirmed diagnosis in the world... and many times that are having early symptoms or no symptoms, but already have the beginnings of the disease, up to ten years before symptoms set in...

A couple of weeks ago, when I was first asked to do this, I got into a bit of research on it, and I realized that this disease is an enigma that has so many unsolved questions that it caused me to decide to turn down the project. I don't really think anyone can do it justice.

Unless you try and make it more simple for people to understand... find a common denominator or something like that. Looking at it from a non-emotional point-of-view would be a start. Then subtracting out any clinical instinct my years in the medical device industry have given me, might also be a help... but difficult.

Still I rationalized it out and said no... then I started reading more articles on it, and began to understand that many of the things I had taken fore-granted, were wrong. For example, I didn't know that there was a new very definitive diagnostic test that could give a negative or positive for AD... no if, and, or but... just positive or negative!

I had also heard that there were no real clinical studies happening in the AD arena... wow, was I wrong! There are thousands happening... some are human studies and others are not... but there is a huge amount of work being done all over the world, including in the USA and Canada. The problem is that they are mostly all turning up figments of information... adding and sometimes subtracting from the three or four theories on what the cause of AD is... and what then can be done about it. Certainly some of them have proven that the track clinicians were on over the past ten years... was wrong! Others have sent clinicians down other rabbit holes... but there seems to be a consensus that a combination of several things is contributing to the slippery slope that starts out assymptomatically, then gradually becomes a debilitating and ultimately fatal disease or contributor to the death of the patient.

So, I indicated to Focus yesterday that I would try and do the subject justice... and I will try it out here, first.

Funny, we are getting climatized here in Mexico, and I have been getting into the writing mode so that I can work on my cancer book... and here I am taking on another project... hope it will contribute to my writing. Will ask an long time friend to edit for me... she will get a kick out of it.

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