Leading up to the Give to Live "Ride" I decided to have a shirt designed to use both as a warming shirt on the ride and to give to folks to thank them for particularly generous donations. To the left, I have posted the back of the shirt... across the top are the sponsors who donated a large amount of money... and in the body is a listing of folks for whom I was riding as a vicarious foil for several donors who would have gone on the ride, were they able.

It wasn't until I had the shirts printed that I realized how many of Lynnda's and my relatives had died a result of cancer... or suffered from it. Add to that, the number of friends and friends-of-friends and it becomes a daunting number.

I thought I would just post this for posterity. I hope my friends and relatives will appreciate their need to be diligent, stay in shape and do everything possible to avoid the disease in any of its 200+ forms.

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