Huge... Huger Than I Can get My Mind Around

A couple of weeks ago, I read about this huge gas ball that was found in a constellation many miles away... in fact, it was about... I guess they didn't want to be too specific... so it was 'about' 25,000 light years away from our planet... Earth.

So, how far is 25,000 light years... well, there are (here's that word again) about six (6) trillion miles in a light year... that's about 150,000 TRILLION MILES from here. And better than that, the bubble is 300,000 TRILLION MILES from top-to-bottom! don't break any speed limits getting there!!

So I got to thinking, when there are all of these stars out there, and gas bubbles and black holes, how is it that we are so impressed with ourselves here on earth... In the picture that was put out by NASA, our sun is marked... and of course, we know earth is 93,000,000 miles from earth. When I was growing-up (my wife argues that I never did), 93 million was about as far as my mind could imagine. A million used to impress people... even a million dollars isn't impressive any more... hell, there are 30,000 millionaires in North America these days (again I digress)... but this Trillion thing is really, really big...

In fact, the picture is so big, I am not certain it will fit in this posting... one may have to manipulate it a little to see all of the parts... I will press publish and see what happens... Holy ...
it is really big!

Anyway... in my office in Wisconsin, I have a pic like this posted and a discussion about when people get too big for their britches... well, now you'll understand big a little better, Eh? I prefer to use the noun "mind" here, rather than "head"... clearly I can't get my head around this... I suppose it would fit in the emptiness... but not being able to get one's 'mind' around something... that's really, really big

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