Late in February I began working for my Blueknowser Consulting business. Effectively I stopped writing on this blog spot, although I did not stop thinking about it, or the issues that confound life in Nova Scotia. I feel today like a bubble about to burst with pent up ideas that I want to share... but probably I should clean up some other business.

First, I became very cynical about many things at home... Nova Scotia that is! As a result, I needed to step back and think about the blessings there, and see if there is a better way to communicate on the things that might be made even better. I needed a new perspective.

Also, I had taken to announcing that I had a new posting out, and then looking at my counter to see how I was doing. What kind of an ego maniac had I become that I would measure such metrics... I decided it doesn't matter that people are reading the posts. The posts are there, that is enough, I think. If folks think they have value, they will check them out, link to them, forward them and come back next week... and so on. I need not 'announce', and hence-forth I won't. I also hope to do better research that will make the postings a better reflection of what is possible.

Those provisos aside, I have also continued to focus much of my time on Blueknowser Consulting. I am actively helping (I hope my work is looked on as helpful) a very large company here in the USA... and occasionally I get to support Nova Scotia businesses that are trying to get started. As a sideline to those efforts, today I started posting on a blog for Blueknowser Consulting located at You can link there by clicking on the 'link'.

I will continue to try and make better sense of the Nova Scotia and in some cases, do something about things I see as incongruent with fairness to those involved... especially our youth on the eastern shores.


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