What is acceptable production in Mexico... NAFTA

Recently I listened to the Donald, Bernie and others trumpeting about heroin in New England and how it was coming from Mexico. I thought it was coming through Mexico from Colombia... so I went looking for evidence of error... it is me that is wrong.

Colombia has reduced its heroin production and is down to about 2 metric tonnes of the stuff... from nearly 20... in the past ten years. Mexico on the other hand has replaced the Colombia production, and then some... this is a quote...

In contrast, opium poppy cultivation in Mexico remains high, and Mexico continues as the primary supplier of heroin to the United States.  Estimated cultivation of opium poppy reached 10,500 hectares in 2012, with an estimated pure potential production of 26 metric tons.

My disappointment runs deeply. I don't understand how a country with all the upside it has, can allow such an internal issue to exist. All they have to do is take the army in and wipe out the fields... not doing so makes one wonder about the leadership of the country... and perhaps, whether some of what the Donald is saying (although too bombastically) is correct. I suspect Donald would use Agent Orange on the fields, given his penchant for the spectacular.

The quote above is from The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and is written under the Seal of The President of the United States of America. Can one imagine what it must be like to be President Obama negotiating with the President of the United Mexican States, while knowing that the latter is fueling an American nation-wide epidemic, about immigration or NAFTA?  I don't understand how the USA can negotiate anything else, before ensuring that the manufacturing of Heroin is ended, before the other products manufactured in Mexico are allowed into the USA. 

I 2014 the estimate had become  about double that of 2012... it is growing larger! This during a period in which there was a concerted war by Mexico, on the cartels and drug trafficking. So, after writing and reading this discussion, I wonder "what is the answer?" Treat people well, treat people poorly... use a carrot, use a stick... care, don't care... what is the answer?

I don't think it has anything to do with immigration or the election. I think it has to do with helping the President of Mexico understand the difference between exports, and how one could impact the other.


Irene said…
You wrote my thoughts exactly. Presidente Peña Nieto would likley change NAFTA to NAFDA. The Donald's hair dye brand is probably named Agent Orange. Joking aside,,,,,this whole topic is a serious and frightening one. Too many people don't see or understand the problem and many don't give a shit.

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