In Good Shape

This past week has been a good one... my friends and acquaintances have come through in a big way, so far. I am at about $4,000 raised, toward the $6,000 I have as a goal. This commitment is important for me, haven't missed it in any of my G2L rides, and don't want to this year. I hope my emails to folks will pull in the next $2,000 before we leave for Halifax.

On the riding front ... my weight has stabilized at 153 pounds (just about 69kg) with three weeks to go before the ride. That was one of my concerns... being too heavy for good riding... should be fine. 

I have been working hard on my core with planking exercises... will never have a six-pack, but it is stabilizing and should allow me to have a better alignment for the duration of the long ride. I am hoping that that will allow my left knee to be in good shape. It is the weakest link that will limit my distance and power.

I have not been able to ride the road bike much this week. The night rains have come and leave a lot of debris on the paved paths and highways... I have flatted too many times in these conditions... and of course had a blow out... read, danger signs from tyre problems. So I have been going to our club and working on the spin-bike... I actually get more climbing time there... and I get to do some urgently needed reading time... if one hasn't read The Cannibal about Eddie Merckx cycling in the 60's and 70's and what the guys on the tour go through to stay in shape, one doesn't realize how easy we have it today just getting ready for a single ride.

Have been also reading a lot about these new companies like Google and AirBnB that do strategic planning soooo differently than we did it just 10 year ago... it is mind boggling! But the time on the spin bike gets me back into the mode of business... need that! Boredom with retirement has set in!

Back to the ride... I mapped out the Cabot Trail ride this week. I have it in my bike computer and have calculated calories to make up... planning on 10,000 kcal burned and making up about 8,000 during the ride to keep my metabolism supporting my energy needs. I understand there will be personal food drops around the course, so I will prep several drops. I plan on using easy to carry, natural foods like dried blueberries, raisins and nuts augmented with some prepared foods that come from nutrition companies.

There is no telling what the temperature will be, so I don't know what the hydration needs will be... will take electrolyte supplements with me. Also, if it is hot, I will take my camel back and use it to supplement the two bottles I will carry. At this stage, I am a little concerned about adding too much weight. Given that we will start at 0530 when it will be very cool in Cape Breton, and ride through the day into the cool of the evening it is also a big challenge for clothing. 

Will plan to start with a riding, high visibility jacket and leg warmers... and then peeling. Hoping that the support vehicles will be able to carry some of that with them so we can put them back on in the evening... depending on how many of the available 15 riding hours, I will need to finish. Have been averaging around 24 kph for 100 km rides... but plan to back that down given the climbs of Smokey, North and MacKenzie mountains.

Have to wait till the riders meeting to understand the amount and availability of support on the road to know whether to take my full riding tool kit and pump... another weight issue. If there is enough support I will leave tubes, tools and air in a support vehicle. Have been considering having a friend do single support for the tour... no decision yet, depends on what G2L will provide. But that weight, along with the necessary water, food, clothing and so on can make the difference for speed and strength.

Have decided to ride on 25mm rain tyres for this ride. Have bought them... can't remember what is on my bike now (it has been in Halifax since the end of the Ottawa - Halifax ride last fall)... but I think I will put the new rubber on no matter what is there. Have decided on rain rubber because there is a good chance of rain in July. This will also make some significant differences in the ride itself... with rain, I plan to only do the first 100km... descents are too dangerous in wet conditions, doing Smokey in the wet... done that before... is one thing... but the other ones are too much to try.

Lots to think about before packing up. I leave Guadalajara on the morning of the 15th with a series of flights through Atlanta (a red eye), LaGuardia and then into Halifax. Getting to the Belgravia will be a welcome respite after a long trip.


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