The Two Hills Ride... an update

Here we are on August 1st, with about fifty days of training and travel before the start of the Two Hills Ride with Give to Live... Parliament Hill to Halifax and the wonderful Citadel Hill. Here is a pic of our target in Halifax... It is right in the middle of the city, the highest point in the area, over-looking the harbor... so well fortified, nary a shot was fired... that's the way all wars should be fought... but that's another discussion...
                                                                                      This is Citadel Hill in Halifax, Check out this video
I have been increasing my normal riding program to the point where I have been riding around 300km per week with average speeds between 25 and 27km/h. I have been having some knee problems and when my bike started having some bottom bracket sound affects, I decided to take several days off. My knee is feeling better and the bike was serviced... just 2,000 km into this new ride, shouldn't be cranky yet... but hey it may have known that my knee was yelling at me that the climbing that I was doing had me overdrawn on my stamina account.
I should start sharing information with you, as committed. Here is some great news... we have raised $6,285 so far... toward the goal of $10,000. I have heard from donors that we have a few thousand coming, couldn't be more pleased to hear this. Also I have heard that it is a tough go this year for my friends... we have to recognize the environment we are in and also that in the early spring I was asked to raise money for the Heart And Stroke Cardiac Challenge... around $4,000 came in then... it was most appreciated, and I knew at the time I couldn't expect folks to come for this Two Hills Cancer ride, as well. Sooo, I have a bit of a hill to climb to the $10,000 but I will be persistent and will also be putting in another sizable donation myself.
The Ride itself has been mapped... here is the total route... Starting in Ottawa, we will cross over into New York State and then head east to the coast through the Adirondack, Green and White mountains of  New England and into New Brunswick. We will then skirt the Bay of Fundy and cross into Nova Scotia... on our last night we will stop in my home town of Truro, Nova Scotia. Then into Halifax in the morning... Hope I don't get lost...
The start and finish are not here, but I will post each day's ride as we move along
Suffice to say, while a beautiful ride, there are lots of hills in them-thar miles.
I very much appreciate the help folks are lending to my ride through the donations. I have a full belief in the work of Dr. Ryan Rhodes from the University of Victoria and the Livestrong Foundation. We are getting our money's worth, since there are no admin costs to this ride... all of your donation goes to where it needs to be.... thanks for that...
I will keep you up-to-date... BRuce 



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