Have been doing some research for an article on Alzheimer's Disease that I am working on... and came across this research from Sweden... The original research for this is published in the BMJ on line and for those interested it can be accessed at the following address:


Basically what is being studied was the impact of a small dose of aspirin on the cardiac function of older women. The low dose aspirin, usually 81mg here in North America had an interesting impact on a completely unexpected aspect of older life... it reduced the potential of contracting Alzheimer's Disease by as much as 55% in this cohort of women.

The subsequent article on the Yahoo Health page was a very good overview of the research, and went on to discuss other aspects of aspirin's impact on people over the past 2,000 years since Hippocrates first wrote about the precursor to aspirin... willow bark! It is an interesting read, and I encourage readers here to look at the articles, and to ensure that we are all accessing this simple treatment.


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