Today, I learned I lost a new and good friend, yesterday

Its amazing to me, that in just two years, Lynnda and I became very good friends with Nick and Liz Ikonikov... our neighbors across the street. Yesterday, Nick was hiking with Liz and a group in a provincial park in South-Western Ontario. Nick was doing what he loved, in the outdoors, with friends... he had a massive heart attack and could not be revived, even though there was an experienced medically trained person on the trail.

Nick had a huge life! He was in his middle 70's, but reminded me of a robust 60 year old. He was an engineer who directed the building of several large projects like power plants, mines and oil refineries during his career. He and his wife Liz had two children who meant the world to him, and just the thought of his grand children brought a wide smile, and a chuckle to him. What a great guy!

Nick occasionally would visit with Shamus... always bringing either a cookie or a gift for him. One can always tell when someone is a great person, when the family dog thinks that person is awesome. Shamus would see Nick, even through the window across the street, and his tail would start wagging. He would be at the extreme end of the leash when Nick would start coming across the street saying in a teasing voice... "Shaaaaaamus" and then jokingly, as Shamus licked Nicks face and ears, "stay down boy! Seeeeeat boy... gooooood dog!"... and then produce a cookie. He would compare Shamus' shenanigans to his beloved Cody who passed just a year or so before we moved to NOTL.

When Nick came for dinner with Lynnda and me, it was Shamus who got center stage with Nick... until the European Beer came out... wow, did he like a great and cold beer... and his smile lit the room as did his laughter fill it with fun. We will all miss Nick Ikonokov...

To Liz, we commit our undying support, as we do to the rest of the family. Nick's Mother in Montreal will have a hard time, at 98, absorbing his passing. She lives on her own and Nick visited with her just a couple of weeks prior to his and Liz' recent three week trip to Europe where they visited Nick's homeland. He loved his Mother, as a child would... who could ask for more, yet he gave more, visiting her in Montreal several times a year, for a week at a time. Amazing to me... but that was Nick. We will all miss him... ciao Friend... BRuce and Lynnda

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