It has been a long time since Lynnda and I have had a winter like this one... first we have had the weather that is really a winter... it has been cold and snowy. Second, we have Shamus our oxymoron... that is 'our black Golden Doodle.

Several people have asked me how Shamus is doing... he just had his eleventh month birthday, and we are planning to have an Irish beer celebration of his birthday on the 17th of March. He is about 80 pounds and loves to be in the park with his buddies. This is about 60 acres of off-lead area for the dogs to romp... and this winter has been perfect for them. I was there last week and did some snow shoeing with Shamus, these pics were taken when we were alone for a few minutes.

Lots of fun...

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Anonymous said…
What you touch on here is something that's been a longstanding difference between Canada and the US. Canada built in devices like the Equalization program and EI that helped to allow Canadians to stay in their communities/regions while in the US the market determined where folks went.

To evaluate that requires a close look at how it has affected the two countries in the long run. I suspect it has worked well for Canada all-in-all but I can see where it's perhaps helped the US is reducing regionalism. The real irony, though, is that things have shifted, mainly because of oil revenues, such that those 'have' provinces, Ontario in particular, are now 'have-nots'

I find that your extrapolation that suggests that people somehow expect unrealistic services because of this rather strange. I think the real problem there is that we're 'frozen'. Because we're next to the US and an consequently endless attack on our healthcare system, we're unable to examine how we best deal with areas where population levels make the provision of care problematic.

We're caught between those who say our system can't work and those frightened that we'll slip into the American system and as a consequence there is little productive dialogue.

And that's where this article and your comments are stranded.

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