A few pics from Go Home Lake, 2009

Aside from one picture being duplicated, and due to the large file sizes I can't be bothered reloading these in order to get ride of one, there is an interesting thing happening to all these guys... we have either no hair or is is grey... what's with that?

These were taken mid-Sunday as we were contemplating the trips home... using slightly adjusted brains, after the banquet setting and long day past, we are looking rather serious.

Well, what about the Bala Bay Lodge in June, 2010. Who can get there with a spouse? Will it take a serious shopping side trip to get them there? What about the 40 year old stories that are bound to float at the celebration on Saturday? Will there be a concert at the Key-to-Bala on Friday night? Will we have a Sunday program... or should it be "on your own"?


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