I have spent the past couple of days helping Lynnda in the gardens here at the Oyster Pond. We had a tough winter... lost about twenty different Day Lillies, a couple of our Heathers and Heaths and several other species. Others did exceptionally well, especially the rocks! They seem to be able to grow, if not in size, in numbers.

I have decided to follow this Opium Poppy as it develops... I have it from prior to the split occuring and will put it on the blog in a series, once it blooms. It is quite a process, one that is exciting to follow, if you are into blooms. I think poppies are among the most beautiful plants we have here... but certainly not the only one.

The Bleeding Hearts come in several colors... mainly shades of red, with white... but the hybridizers have worked magic with purple and cream colors, as well. I will try and present several different colors of plants, at different stages. This one is in a planter near out main entrance to the cottage here at the pond. Is is a part of a larger planter.

Back to working in the gardens with Lynnda... today is the eve of the anniversary of the day I met Lynnda at a reception at Memorial University in St. John's in Newfoundland. We were both there for a convention of the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists... CSLT. I don't even know if that organization exists today, but it, and my boss, Gerry Chin Pang at Canlab had everything to do with us meeting and staying together.... it was 34 years ago Father's Day. We will celebrate our 30th Anniversary this year... and the difference in years was for all practical purposes, lived in sin!

We have been apart a lot due to my work... and for a lot of years, Lynnda's work with several medical companies. When we have been together, a lot of the time has been spent in the gardens. It is a time when you are really not side-by-side, and you are doing your own thing (I like building, Lynnda planting... I like mowing, Lynnda cultivating... she wears the white hat, I try and keep up). You get a lot of time to think... not only about what you are doing.

Today I was just thinking about how we met, and the things that are highlights. It was then that I realized that we had an anniversary coming tomorrow... 34. I haven't reminded her of it, and if she doesn't read this, it will be fun to surprize her tomorrow. We are going to a benefit tea that supports scholarships for students who are single parents at Saint Mary's University... after that, I will spring it on her... fun eh?


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