Worries about Obama

An open note to David Plouffe… President Obama's Spokes Person on the internet... I am and have been a strong BHO supporter. I am sixty years old, semi-retired and reasonably up-to-date on the economy, politics and so on. I have to tell you that I and several of the supporters I communicate with are getting very concerned about BHO’s actions of late. His lack of a clear ethics stand on Tom Daschle was pathetic… in our opinion he should have dropped him immediately. Trying to lobby through the various tools, like the emails we have received, for the passage of the stimulus package seems a very weak process. If BHO is to be a leader, he must lead now… set examples by supporting candidates for cabinet who are clean… clearly clean! By working within the congress to pass the stimulus bill… this is a republic, not a democracy… the members of the Senate and House are our proxy to vote… give them the decision and let them make the determination. We are concerned that we are seeing a lobbyist, not a leader in the White House… BRuce


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